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Abdirak's alleviation/new kisses issues


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I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and maybe knows a solution.
After Patch6 and all the hotfixes, my game with all the mods behaved just perfectly. No noticeable problems at all. But then I reached the goblin camp.

After talking with Abdirak, when the character is already standing against the wall and waiting for “alleviation,” nothing happens. The beating scene does not begin. Usually after you agree to penance, Abdirak goes to his table (possibly to get a weapon) and then the scene begins. In my case, he stays where he is or goes back to his knees and starts mumbling like he did before I came to him and that's all.
There is also a problem that appeared immediately after patch 6 - new kisses. I checked them in my previous playthrough (because my Dark Urge is only at the beginning) and thought they weren't working because there was something wrong with the game itself. And I was waiting for Larian to release a hotfix that would fix this xd. Silly me.
Also, with mods enabled, replacing party members in a camp through dialogue does not work.

I removed all the installed mods one by one, checked the game and after disabling all the mods the new kisses and Abdirak scene became available.
When there are only ImprovedUI and Mod Fixer in the mods folder, everything works. But as soon as I add something else again — a head, a pack of clothes, dyes, whatever, — these scenes disappear. I tested this with and without Unique Tav (with Trips' Old Shader Pack) and EotB, with the same disappointing result. Yes, I downloaded mods in variations that work with or without  Unique Tav and EotB. Forgot to mention that I installed everythind with BG3ModManager.

Of course I can continue playing without these scenes because everything else is working just fine. But I feel very sad without them. And who knows what other important scenes may be lost in the process of further progress.

So I will be eternally grateful for any hints and ideas that can help me with this problem.

Although, I suspect that it may not be solvable until Larian makes full support for mods :(

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