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Mods crashing game

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So all of a sudden my game is crashing any time I try to use any mods. If I start a new game w/o mods its fine, but when I try to add mods it crashes when I try to go to the character creation screen. Has anyone else experienced this or know what may be causing it? 

Update: I have deleted and reinstalled both BG3 and BG3MM and have deleted everything in the saved games folder as well as the Mods folder multiple times but nothing is working. IDK if this is part of the issue or not, but I did have both the Honour mod and the Dice_06 mod in my load order until I saw a post that said not to load either of them. I have deleted them and they do not show up in my mod folder but the still show up in the inactive mod list and the delete option is greyed out so I cannot choose it.  This is a list of most of the mods that I have downloaded into BG3 MM. I don't use all of them as I tend to download ones that catch my eye to try them and see how I like them. My last list before this issue started was around 300 active mods.



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