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Skins with a Purpose (Mod Idea)

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So like anyone who's played FO, you've come to know the cosmetic system.
Lightsaber skins, ponchos and outfits have no real purpose despite having unique names - looking through the nexus, I noticed (not only the ungodly amount of NSFW content for this game) there were no real gameplay overhauls.

I was thinking of a mod concept that turns FO into more of a rouge-like, allowing for variety in playstyles and more difficulty depth.
Here's what I came up with:

1. Ponchos, lightsaber skins and outfits will no longer carry across saves - and will randomize each save.

2. Lightsaber skins will add more depth to combat, providing Cal with unique buffs/de-buffs in order to encourage more variety in playstyles.

3. Ponchos will grant Cal unique damage resistances, affecting survivability as well as combat.

4. All outfits (except for the "Scrapping Guild" outfit) will provide call with unique abilities affecting health, and will raise or lower it depending on the stats provided.

5. BD-1 Skins will provide the droid with more utility - both in and outside of combat.

6. Dying to enemies will reset all items, removing them from your inventory - and all chests will reset and randomize with new items, and force Cal to restart from the Mantis. Dying to the environment, will only reset the last items you obtained prior to your last save. (exploration and shortcuts will remain unaffected)

This is just a rough idea of what I envision, for a gameplay overhaul - I'm not asking for a commission, or expecting anyone to make it.
(If someone does want to create a mod using this concept, all I ask is that I'm credited for the original idea - linking to this thread)

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