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Third camera view resets after exiting VATS combat - intermittent problem


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I generally play in third person medium distance camera position. PC with Xbox controller.


Every game, every now and then, I will go into VATS combat, and at the end of combat, the third person camera will be reset to close up position. Sp. I hold the hot key, pull back on the stick to put it back to mid-distance and when I go into VATS combat.....back to close up.

This lasts for a few days then magically fixes itself....then a month later....it's back. Any ideas?

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For those who might check in - figured it out.

It came down to a mod so old I forgot I had it. MGS Aiming, It allows down the sight aiming in third person...and I figured out it does it by calling the first person aiming and overwriting on the fly the third person settings and sometimes both start getting called up at the same time resulting in  weirdness.


oh well. Disabled old mod and problem fixed.

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