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Mods disabling on launch?


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I have been having a problem for a little bit where mods are regularly disabling on launch. I've read multiple past fixes for this and so far nothing has worked. I've redownloaded all my mods, pruned past problem mod types, checked file integrity, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, nothing so far is working. Sometimes the mods list will say they're active, but the game says they're disabled and saves do not load as a result.

Help please.

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Since a month now, I've been experiencing the same kind of problem! 

In Vortex, everything is up to date and enable, I have the latest version of LSLib but the game still saying that my mods are not installed. I try the FAQ solution by searching some files that aren't in my computer. I try to unenable everything and enable them back. I even try desinstall Vortex and reinstall it. The game still says that my mods are disabled.

I don't find any answer yet, playing vanilla still and, oh! it hurts!!! I want my mods back! And, then, still I didn't found solution, I'm in a lack of interest now for this game and it makes me sad.

I replied your post cause I would like to know if you found a solution... or if we are many people experiencing this problem.

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