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Need help to create a body mod


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12 hours ago, Karna5 said:

Say, on a side note, I recall that several years ago the way people did tattoos was to have the put directly onto the skin textures (not as overlays). I forgot about that because it's not really a good way to do it as it forces a skin texture with the tattoos. But, that method does allow the plugin to have skin records for the body and hands and then to have the NPC record force that skin texture.

Some of the problems with that method are:

a) if you do the body texture, you must have the hand texture swapped as well so you don't get wrist seams,

b) the body texture you use might not match the face texture someone else' game uses, and

c) if you're using CBBE, and someone else' game is Fusion Girl or the like, unless your skin texture you use matches, the skin will have flaws when naked.

It's not exactly bad to do it the 2015 through 2017ish method, but the new overlay method is much better because it has no incompatibility with whatever skin is used in someone's game.

I just figured I'd mention that in case someone you talk to brings up that old method 🙂

Geez, i didn't even know this method, i'm learning to mod just now, the only thing i can do is use face ripper and fo4edit to make a simple face mod XD

I became interested in modding after spending more time adding mods to my fallout 4 rather then actually playing the game, i wanted to make this my hobbie but it's so many things to learn, my head hurts. I'm always looking for tutorials on the Youtube but the Fallout 4 modding scenario on my country is kinda nonexistent, so i have to see and read everything in english and i think that it makes me miss a lotta content.

Anyways, think i'll be happy just with learning how to this damn body mod, for now

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