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Help in understand NetScriptFramework crash log


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Hello ,
Through the years I had many weird crashes but my game is quite stable.
The only crash I am getting ,non regularly is a mystery to me.

NetScriptFramework always tells in relevant objects it is related to npc(or sometimes also player) , and in probable callstack I always get almost same stuff:
"Probable callstack
  [0]   0x7FF62A44607B     (SkyrimSE.exe+10C607B)         unk_10C5F40+13B
  [1]   0x7FF62A49259A     (SkyrimSE.exe+111259A)         IMovementPathManagerAgent::Func2_1112510+8A
  [2]   0x7FF62A441EC3     (SkyrimSE.exe+10C1EC3)         MovementPathManagerArbiter::unk_10C1DC0+103
  [3]   0x7FF62A441CD5     (SkyrimSE.exe+10C1CD5)         MovementPathManagerArbiter::unk_10C1C30+A5
  [4]   0x7FF62A47ECED     (SkyrimSE.exe+10FECED)         MovementControllerAI::Func7_10FEC60+8D
  [5]   0x7FF629958A4C     (SkyrimSE.exe+5D8A4C)          PlayerCharacter::unk_5D87F0+25C
  [6]   0x7FF629958265     (SkyrimSE.exe+5D8265)          PlayerCharacter::unk_5D8170+F5
  [7]   0x7FF629FB2A81     (SkyrimSE.exe+C32A81)          JobList::Process_C329B0+D1
  [8]   0x7FF629FB4C48     (SkyrimSE.exe+C34C48)          BSJobs::JobThread::Func1_C34930+318
  [9]   0x7FF629F8D6BD     (SkyrimSE.exe+C0D6BD)          StartAddress_0_C0D680+3D
  [10]  0x7FFB9C027034     (KERNEL32.DLL+17034)           
  [11]  0x7FFB9C162651     (ntdll.dll+52651)              
as far as I seen npcs from vanilla game and mods are doing that equally.
My only idea is navmesh issue? but I don't know.

Thanks in advance for any tip/help.

As I started to test I noticed that disabling Immersive Citizens- AI Overhaul and al lthe aptches for it is getting rid of crashing.. Tho I need more tests to see

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