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Help Fixing Boostpack/Jetpack functionality

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Hi, first off I am nowhere near an expert in modding; I do enjoy downloading and playing recently with them.

For some reason I noticed that my boostpack no longer works with the exception of hovering when aiming down sights or when in 0G and it allows me to use shift-key boost to go forward. The boost bar does not even appear otherwise unless those 2 situations.

For reference I am playing on the Steam version through SFSE. (I have CCR and RTFP enabled as well for other mods in case the root cause may be in one of these)

Currently have Horizontal Boost Tweak and Press and Hold Boostpack CCR enabled in Vortex (latest mod swapped trying to see if that would bring it back)

other mods I have downloaded and currently disabled are flying jetpack (900 version)

-jetpack overhaul

- unlimited jetpack - infinite boostpack - press and hold boostpack

- UnlimitedjJetpack_falldamage


I'm hoping best case scenario I may have messed up when using a bat txt to change settings that can be set back to default - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to reinstall the game if push comes to shove but I'd like to understand what caused the break still in order to disable that mod or prevent my mistake in causing the break. Thank you for your time.



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I'm not familiar with the boostpack mods but you can try disabling them all, then reenable them one by one while continuously checking whether the pack still works ingame.

Edit: forgot "not".

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Posted (edited)

Thank you -

Update: good news/bad news 

I ended up purging and disabling everything, verifying in steam and sticking with the ccr one to leave space for other esm files. I was unable to pinpoint what caused it but I got it working again. I have gotten a few crash to desktops with this new load list, so I guess now I have something else to troubleshoot 😅

In the slight off chance anyone is able to spot what might be causing the conflict in either load order or the mod itself, I included a copy of my plugins in use.


I just figured out that my bethini pie still had game path linked to the uninstalled gamepass version even though I switched to the steam version, game seems to be running smoothly now.

Current Plugins loaded.txt

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Issue may be resolved, fingers crossed
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