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Jewelry Displays


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I'd like a jewelry display for the necklaces and rings.  And we could put the display stands on top of any table, on a chest, or on a crate (which is just there and doesn't open), or any other flat surface.

And that way we can display the jewelry we make.

If one of you will make these, then maybe have a look online to see the many different styles, colors, and materials used to make these display stands.  It might inspire you to make something with a Dwemer theme, or with a High Elf theme, etc.

Jewelry Display.jpg

Jewelry Display2.jpg

Jewelry Display3.jpg

Ring Display.jpg

Ring Display 2.jpg

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I'm on record as saying jewelers love to advertise. I've also noted the multitude of means to display weapons and armor, and the considerable effort to make mannequins more useful.

Jewelry and gems seriously need to have decent displays. Gems in set places on the interior of "weapons" cases, with models like you've shown for tiaras, circles, wreaths, rings, necklaces, pendants, and amulets. (possibly with several textures chosen via FOMOD or varied by region?)

I also think that the necklace/pendant display may need certain mods to allow placing several per display unit (as seen in the above pics); Adapting and using Jewelry Limiter may be the way to go for that.

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