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No mod to make menus faster?


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Has nobody made a mod to fix how glacially slow all the menus in this game are?

So probably one of my biggest issues with world has always been how excruciatingly slow moving around in menus are. Open item box, wait a second before I can do anything. Open start menu, have to wait for the entire thing to swipe across my screen before I can select anything. Hell, the radial menu, a menu meant to enable fast crafting, makes you wait for the thing to extend out before you can use it. It's infuriating. 

I've waited since release for a mod to maybe fix this but it seems nobody has done it, or as far as I know *tried* to do it. Does anyone know if it just isn't possible or something? Because I know for a fact i'm not alone in thinking it's a problem and it is one of the stupidest decisions I can think of for a fast paced action game with so much menu management.

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