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Kraftwerk76 - Formal Warning Issued

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Formal Warning Issued - Kraftwerk76

Kraftwerk76 has received a formal warning for violating our community rules.


homophobic, "Christian" rant; profanity

"WTH is wrong with you? To make this patcher in these colors? Does Batman look gay for you? Damn godless people. And you can report all you want. On judgment day, moron, God will explain to you again what his holy rainbow is all about. Which Satan drags into the dirt through you disgusting, perverse people."

From our ToS...

"Content that can be construed as provocative, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive toward any real-world individual or group, may be subject to moderation. This includes but is not limited to content involving politics, race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, or social class."


"No profanity. It is perfectly possible to express yourself using civil language. Do not attempt to circumvent the profanity filter."


Below are links to where the infractions took place (where relevant). Some links may point to hidden, deleted or restricted content that can only be accessed by moderators.

Account Restrictions

As part of the warning, Kraftwerk76 has been restricted from using the following features:

This user cannot post comments on a specific file for the foreseeable future

Moderation History

Warning issued by Jannifer. This user has now received a total of 1 formal warning(s).

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