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Mach 4 Bicycle

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I did this when i had Blender 3.6 it looks Photo Real, so the bike is overdrive double reduction, the two largest

sprockets see is 120T large chain sprocket and the two small ones are 12T sprocket 100:1 ratio so 1 revolution

of the crank and 100 revolutions of the rear wheel, also i included an overdrive 10:1 ratio supercharger that sits just

above the rear wheel to suck a high volume of air to drive the rear wheel at high RPM so as to be able to pedal and

spin the cranks fast to reach 4 times the speed of sound, and see the front canards on the front wheel forks

so to create downforce, to stop the bike from flipping at supersonic high speed to keep the bike to the ground

so the bicycle doesn't end up Jack knifing,  also I am so sorry regarding the racing seat I was only learning Blender.

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I like it but I think your description is a bit off if I'm understanding you correctly. A gearing of 120 and 12 is a 10:1 ratio. You divide not multiply. I'm a cyclist so I had to say something... and a fixed gear cyclist to boot so I'm extra opinionated. That's actually what attracted me to this thread. At a glance, your creation looked like a fixed gear. It kind of is though, right? I see no evidence in either looking at the bike or in it's description about a braking system. How do you plan on stopping this super bike? Not to mention... how is the person going to stay in the saddle? I know, artistic licence, right? Fair enough.

Good looking work nonetheless.

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