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Spouse overhaul?

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The marriage system is rather underwhelming. You marry an npc, and you get a major buff to your xp gain when you sleep with them. Bonus points if they're a follower, allowing you to get the buff in any bed you sleep in, plus you have a merchant following you around.

We have multiple follower overhauls to chose from, but none for spouses? Surely such a thing wouldn't be any harder to make then a follower overhaul.

Here's some things I would like to see:

The ability to change your spouse's outfit. I always wanted to marry a poor girl and then dress her in finery, but the game doesn't allow that.

A divorce option.

The ability to have more way to interact with your spouse, such as by dancing with them perhaps?

Maybe a way to get them pregnant or pregnant from them? I doubt such a thing could be made to work.

Polygamy perhaps?

Re-marriage if you're widowed?

Maybe others could think of other ways to make the whole marriage more engaging outside of just giving you a buff and a new merchant?

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