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OK so im semi new to modding well from nexus anyway I was strictly console.  Pc's are used for other things not gaming IMO.  But ne who we are here now.  So between  titles I see a lot of the same people making mods and different things for the games. Fist thank  you guys for taking the time out to do it and then allowing us to use it.  I do want to offer a piece of advice if you don't want request , or feedback or people asking a bunch of questions then don't release it to the world. The whining is not very becoming  and it makes folks not ask questions because you have created  a wall where folks wont ask questions. A little customer service can go a long way 

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eh ?

"Pc's are used for other things not gaming IMO".  


I think what you are tryin to say is :

' Help, there's a whole other superior world of gaming outside of consoles I never knew existed until now, and I don't understand PC's, so can anyone help me get started>?'

Obvious console user looking to annoy modders, going by what's said theve made dodgy comments and did not like the authors responces (Not me ) so they post a bunch of nonsense..

Is that about right ?

I dunno why I am even wasting my time to reply..


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