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Player Character is bugged tf out

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Been having some weird issues that I'm starting to think are related. Have many mods, but only recently has my game become nearly unplayable. 

1. Items received through holotapes/quests/npcs do not work. (Eg. Nuka world thirst zapper had 0 ammo, cheat terminal/SS2 city planner holotape doing nothing, keys/notes given to me by npcs not being received)

2. SS2 main and side quests not progressing at all(holotape does nothing, setstage does nothing), SS2 HQ Hud not showing up in workshop menu(it flashes at the top of the screen, then disappears)

3. In survival mode, character is stuck being peckish, eating does not remove the debuff, never need to sleep or drink.

4. When levelling up, perk points I put into any perk just dissappear and don't work.

5. Environment interactions are not working. (Eg. Nuka world train button not doing anything, APC player home mod not moving locations when I press buttons. Buttons in general just seem to not work, almost as if the game doesn't realise my character is pressing it.

6. Named settlers cannot be traded with, and normal settlers cannot be moved to other settlements or be put on supply lines.

It seems to me that my character is not being recognized by the game, the reason there are so many bugs listed at once is because these have all happened over the past 2 days with me trying to fix them, not realizing until now that they are probably related. The very first bug I experienced was the How to HQ quest where mansfield was not building his office, then the nightingales quest wasnt completing, so I assumed it was something to do with SS2, but now I think its something deeper with my game. Has anyone else had something like this happen, and is anyone able to give me any ideas that could help? Thanks.

Also, I am running a downgrader and using the pre-next gen fo4 if that helps at all.

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