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I keep having a lot of crash issues, I am new to New Vegas modding so I might have gone overboard. If I am having conflicts or things out of order please let me know.

[X] FalloutNV.esm

[X] DeadMoney.esm

[X] HonestHearts.esm

[X] OldWorldBlues.esm

[X] LonesomeRoad.esm

[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm

[X] More Perks.esm

[X] ClassicPack.esm

[X] MercenaryPack.esm

[X] CaravanPack.esm

[X] Advanced Recon Tech.esm

[X] Project Nevada - Core.esm

[X] Detect Traps.esm

[X] T6M Equipment Replacer NV.esm

[X] FCOMaster.esm

[X] Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp

[X] Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp

[X] Project Nevada - Equipment.esm

[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp

[X] Detect Traps - Perk.esp

[X] More Perks Update.esp

[X] Maschinengewehr 42.esp

[X] Detect Traps - DLC.esp

[X] pipboy2500_edisleado.esp

[X] SignatureArmor.esp

[X] SignatureWeapons.esp

[X] Advanced Recon Gear.esp

[X] Advanced Recon Tech.esp

[X] Advanced Recon Tech - Kerberos.esp

[ ] Advanced Recon Tech - Kerberos-lower dt.esp

[X] Advanced Recon Tech - Detect Traps.esp

[X] KerberosPanzer.esp

[X] Advanced Recon Gear - Project Nevada.esp

[X] Neckchains.esp

[X] Integration - Couriers Stash.esp

[X] YT's Traits.esp

[X] Roberts_NewVegas.esp

[X] wastelandhome.esp

[X] ContinueAfterEnding.esp

[X] NVWillow.esp

[X] FCO.esp

[X] FCO - Roberts Patch.esp

[X] UnlimitedCompanions.esp

[X] SkillBksBox.esp

[X] UnlimitedCompanions SCRIPT FIX.esp

[X] Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition.esp

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