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Radio Mod Audio File Questions


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I'm working on a detailed radio mod (private, rather than sharing copyrighted music) for Fallout 3, and I am planning on making a Vanilla and an Extended version. The vanilla will have 30+ songs, and the extended will add another 10 or so. I'm placing the sets of music in two separate folders for easier mod handling.


I've figured out two ways to do this, but I'm not sure if the second will work.


First, I could create two separate ESPs, one with all the links and fiddly bits for the Vanilla set, and one with the links and all for the total set. Then I'd just load whichever ESP to get whichever I wanted.


The other way depends on how a mod handles trying to play a song with a missing file. I'm thinking I could just create one ESP for the total set, and if I don't want the extended set to play, I'd just delete the WAV files in the Extended folder, or more likely rename the folder so the ESP couldn't find them to play them.


But what happens if a radio mod can't find an audio file to play it? Will it crash? Will it just skip to the next song in the Radio list in the quest?


I know this is a really specific, really anal question, but does anyone know?

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