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Do you remember the large island on the northeast? I don't know it's english name, something like Sheogorath but different (or not), the one where Dagon Fel is located? Just south of it's southwest coast there is a quite large island with a tomb on it. The tomb is Ashmelech, I think. They were there the last ten times I checked and their leader with them. Much easier to find than Berne or Quarra (huh, just stumbled upon Galom Deus a minute ago, what a coincidence).
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Yeah, that's right.

The big Island of Sheogorad has numerous little islands around it. Ignore all those little bitty ones on the west end, and instead look at that one big one which is to the southwest of the main Sheo island, the one all by itself in the big channel between the big island and the mainland. On the mainland nearby you'll find Ebernanit and the Omalen tomb, so it's the big island close to those.

Right smack in themiddle of that island, pretty much, is Ashmelech, which looks like a regular ancestral tomb. It's also about the only thing ON this island, so it's hard to miss.

That clan has another place right next door to the Berne HQ mentioned above, by the way, a wee to the west, called Dulo.


EDIT: Oh, good grief. I'm sorry everyone; I didn't notice how old this thread is. It showed up as new on my screen for some reason. I tried to delete it, but I can't find the option.

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