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Hello, I have found many japanese weapons and packs of japanese weapons, mainly katanas, but I haven't found a Kusarigama yet, and since I have a character that is kind of a ninja this is an important weapon to play this kind of character in an emmersive way. If someone is willing to help me with this, and potencially other players, that would be awesome.

I will leave some images here for people who don't know what it is. (If anyone will be willing to create this mod it is not needed to create the chain since it would be very difficult if not impossible to make it work, the handle with the blade is enought, working like an axe):





*what I'm writting next is just a little explanation of the kusarigama's importance*


Contrary to popular belief the main weapon of the ninjas was not the ninjato, actually there is no record of such a weapon having ever existed, it was just a creation of Hollywood. What the ninjas might have used was a Wakizashi. But their main weapon was the Kusarigama, since the ninjas were assassins and spies, they needed to disguise in order to spy and travel avoiding suspicious, so the best way to disguise yourself while carrying a weapon would be to disguise yourself as a farmer carrying a farming schyte, that is where the Kusarigama came from, and hence it's importance for role-play and immersion.

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