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A Random Love Poem


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This is a poem I clumped together at two in the morning. All things considered, it's probably the best equal line work I've ever done.




Ev'ry hill is struck verdant, every valley to flower, beneath the blossom of love.
Cherish it we, daughters of felicity, beneath the sanctuary of the Lord God above.
Freedom tow'r, ring mighty with blessing, renew our faith in the branch of a dove.

How, for the autumn leaves fall, does molt as well my heart, when I am away from you!
capture can I not the beauty of thy innocent airs, and shy away shan't I from my due.
For I offer the rose of my love, I invite thee to celebrate fondly in mine love true.

Kiss thee, shall I, for ev'ry star kissed morn I shall bear witness to, for thou doth complete me.
Let lovers' tales and dukes shy away from our lovely craft; thou art joined to me as I am to thee.
Sweet vixen of the fairest way, allow thyself the hour of my gentle embrace, to be within ecstacy.

Love thee, do I, with all my life, inseparable by spear or knife, unbreakable by any amount of strife.
Let thy light shine with all its pow'r, for every day's hour, and let us turn away from the road sour.
Whistling winds and soft rains' dew, may these things fore'er ring true, as doth be the love we renew.

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