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The Defcon Corporation  

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  1. 1. What Do You Want To See More Of In The Mod?

    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • NPCs
    • Locations (E.g. More Buildings To Explore)
    • Enemies
    • Chemistry (New Recipes/Ingredients)

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Hey, guys!

I've been working hard on my first Fallout: New Vegas mod over the past couple of weeks, and I'm getting pretty close to the stage where I can put out a preview release.

The mod is currently WIP, but I'm hoping to (eventually) finish a huge mod, which will directly put the player in control of the Mojave black market.

As of now, the mod allows players to make their own meth, and alcohol, following ultra-realistic recipes (right from extracting pseudoephedrine from mentats, and fixer pills, to mixing red phosphorus and iodine to make your own meth ingredients). The basic idea of the mod is to create a player-controlled company, which supplies all of the bars, hotels, and casinos of the Mojave, with all of their alcohol, drugs, and chems.

Currently In The Mod:

  • A working casino.
  • A hotel built onto the casino.
  • An underground, vault-styled club (The Patrons' Club), below the casino.
  • The Superlab (the underground manufacturing lab, where the player can create any of the substances currently in the mod)
  • Meth (Methamphetamine)
  • Alcohol (Custom alcoholic drinks, and a brewery in The Superlab)
  • Sales System (Terminals in The Superlab allow the player to send shipments to the casinos, bars, and hotels of New Vegas, and instantly receive caps for their goods)
  • NPCs (Many more NPCs will be added to the mod in the very near future, although the main NPCs are, already, currently in place)
  • Voice Acting (All NPCs will have custom voice acting, with all current NPCs already having this feature).

So, that's what I've already got done. I'll be adding a hell of a lot more in the very near future, although I'm planning on continuing this mod for a very long time, so expect to see a lot of updates over the coming months. Although the mod is not yet actually available, I'll be posting a link to the Nexus download page, as soon as I have got an early preview version up.

Main Info:

The courier comes across the oasis of the Mojave, the place for everyone to go and enjoy themselves- The DEFCON One. The DEFCON One Casino And Hotel is split into three levels- the lower being the Patrons' Club (where the wealthier wastelanders can enjoy themselves, spend their time gambling, and even use the underground hotel facilities), the middle section being the main Casino Floor (where the riff-raff may enjoy losing all of their money), and the top floor being the hotel (albeit rather run-down). With rooms costing only 25 caps per night, and the odds on the main casino games meaning that you may or may not have a chance of not going entirely bankrupt, the main part of the Casino is perfect for anyone looking for some cheap thrills. But, if you're a more discerning customer, and you prefer to spend your time in an expensive atmosphere, then The Patrons' Club is perfect for you!
And, if you're not really interested in all of the gambling, then why not venture beneath the Casino? And why not visit The Superlab? For, below all of the commotion upstairs, there is a significantly more profitable venture than trying your luck on the Casino games. From the safe confines of The Superlab, you can run your own drug Empire! Or, if you're not one for chems, then you can also use the facility to brew your own alcohol! And the best part is that you have contacts in all of the tourist hotspots of the Mojave! By using the terminals in the lab, you can send shipments of your goods to your contacts, and instantly receive your caps!
Before you can access The Superlab, however, you must prove that you are a true man of science. You must complete quests for the Casino, before learning of their failing underground drugs operation. And, once you can prove that you might just be the man to turn it around for them, then, and only then, can you access The Superlab, and start building your Empire!

Planned Features:

  • New drugs to manufacture, and sell (suggestions appreciated)
  • Full completion of all existing features (which is what I am mainly doing)
  • Anything else which I can think of
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I'm having some trouble with the head scientist's dialogue right now, but I'm currently working on a fix for it. I ran into this problem while working on the lab, so I just wanted to let everyone know that work is still going on.

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I've fixed the issue with the dialogue (thanks to Fallout2AM), so I can continue work on the rest of the mod. I'll be adding some new features to the lab, next.

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