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****guide To Houses****


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wow :blink:


:thanks: now i know wat to do to buy house in imperial city and skin guard city . i had no clue how i buy house in imperial city .lol.


thanks once again j3nni .tht's helps a lot :biggrin:

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I'm new playing Oblivion, this game is amazing! :)


I bought my first house in Chorrol, I spend like 50 hours getting loot and selling at NPCs to get it,

but it was worth ;)


I have a question, about placing things on the house.. Is there a easier way to put a item in a specific position..

because the "Remote Manipulate" spell is hard to control.

When I try to put some foods on the table I always spend hours tryng to do that carefully to do no touch the others things, otherwise, i spend more thousands hours trying like put a glass in the correct position ¬¬


Is there a way to do it easier?




- Mark.

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About Houses: In Oblivion, you are able to buy 1 house in each city. These houses vary in quality and obviously in price. After the purchase of a house, you will be able to furnish it unless otherwise told below. To furnish a house you visit the shopkeeper listed and browse his or her misc section. If you are having trouble finding the shopkeeper, there is a new quest listed mentioning furnishing your house, merely select it as your active quest to activate a marker pointing to the shopkeeper. In the books/scrolls/paper section under misc you will several pieces of paper with room names on them such as Bedroom and Dining Room. When you purchase one of these papers for about 1800 at a moderate mercantile skill, the correlating section of your house will be stocked with items that fit with that sections theme, such as a Storage paper would yield chests, crates, and other storage containers. Houses also provide the benefit of somewhere safe to store your goods. Anything you store in a house you own will not be stolen or taken if it is a stolen item by the guards. The bed is also free to use. On top of that, you may own more than one house.


City: Anvil

Location: The rundown manor in the northeast corner of town.

Requirements: Meet Velwyn Benirus at The Count's Arms at any time during the afternoon. 5,000 Gold.

Quests: "Where Spirits Have Lease" - When you first sleep in this house, you'll awaken to find 3 hostile ghosts attacking you. After the three ghosts are defeated, go downstairs and pick up a piece of paper and the skeleton hand next to it. After this you'll need to track down the former owner who left town. Talk to the owner of The Count's Arms to get a marker placed of Benirus. Once you find Benirus, convince him to come back to the manor to lift the curse. He says he'll meet you at The Count's Arms. Unless you follow him all the way from the Imperial City, it'll take days for him to arrive, so work on other quests for awhile or just wait it out. Once he arrives you'll head over to the mansion with him to lift the curse. When you enter the mansion you find it populated with ghosts everywhere, they respawn quickly so no time to rest, bring potions. Best thing to do is run through the ghosts to the symbol in the basement and wait there until Benirus catches up. Once he touchs the symbol on the wall, the ghosts will dissapear. Oddly enough Benirus also "magically" dissapears back to the bar, leaving you to loot the dungeon for valuables. Inside the room, touch the altar to begin a lengthy speech of lies. Touch it yet again for the truth and the revival of the necromancer. Attack him quickly as he will summon leveled undead creatures to his side. After his defeat, take his valuables and search the area. After being out of Anvil for abit and returning to your mansion, you'll find it well furnished.

Furnishings: Given by quest.


City: Bravil

Location: This small house is on the south side of the canal by Luciana Galena's house.

Requirements: Count Regulus Terentius's Disposition at 50 or more. 4,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Nilawen at The Fair Deal, south of the city gate.


City: Bruma

Location: The two-story log house just north of the east gate.

Requirements: Countess Narina Carvain's Disposition at 60 or more. 10,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Suurootan at Novaroma, one row down from the castle.


City: Cheydinhal

Location: The two-story house near the town statue.

Requirements: Count Andel Indarys's Disposition at 60 or more. 15,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Borba gra-Uzgash at Borba's Goods and Stores, two buildings east of the west gate.


City: Chorrol

Location: The stone house next to the Mages Guild.

Requirements: Countess Arriana Valga's Disposition at 70 or more. Fame rating of 13 or more. 20,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Seed-Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade, just west of the south gate.


City: Imperial City, Waterfront District

Location: This house is on the west side of the harbor wall, just west of the pirate ship.

Requirements: Visit Vinicia Melissaeia in Market District, Office of Imperial Commerce. 2,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Sergius Verus at Three Brothers Trade Goods, just southeast of Office of Imperial Commerce.


City: Leyawiin

Location: This house is located right across from Weembam-Na's house, near the center of town.

Requirements: Count Marius Caro's Disposition at 60 or more. 7,000 Gold.

Quests: None

Furnishings: Sold by Gundalas at Best Goods and Guarantees, just north of your house.


City: Skingrad

Location: Rosethorn Hall.

Requirements: Speak to Hal-Liurz, then Shum gro-Yarug. Shum gro-Yarug's Disposition at 70 or more. Fame rating of 15 or more. 25,000 Gold.

Quests: 2 - Acquire a servants' quarters package, then speak to Eyja at where you buy furnishings. For 150 gold she will work at your manor and the new topics "Food" "Drink" and "Eyja" will become available.

- In the top floor bedroom near the stairs is a note. This can be tricky to get to for low level acrobats. When you get the note it will have a riddle on it, and it mentions hidden treasure in the house. The answer to the riddle is an hourglass, and the treasure is in an hour glass near the pillar with the garlic hanging from it in your house. Inside the hourglass is a bunch of flawless gems and the Ring of the Gray, a great item for thieves.

Furnishings: Sold by Gunder at Colovian Traders, on the main road.

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