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Hey Lads,



I was thinking why the majority of player home mods for Skyrim are not upgradable. As a fan of Oblivion I especially enjoyed this option. It was a great feeling to spare your coins for something really worthy in my opinion, not to mention that a lot of them had a quest, so you could make at least a little effort to obtain them instead of they were there just for you to take.


Of course I know vanilla player homes in Skyrim are upgradable, and perhaps some other modded ones that I haven't met before as well, but as far as I know they only provide some extra tools, like arcane enchanter, alchemy lab etc. If I think about the Frostcrag Reborn mod or Glenvar Castle in Oblivion, where you benefit an entirely new look from investing in a renovation, and you had to complete huge quests for their ownership I already miss the decent times I had in Cyrodiil.


There are a galactic amount of new homes out there for Skyrim and I see a great potential in this, therefore I am curious why this didn't draw more attention in modders. Sure it would be a huge effort to implement, but I don't know any limitations that would make this feature impossible. I imagine my favorite house mod, Levelers Tower in ruins, and a lot of improvements from the money I earned before, even if it was the same way with Ancient Towers in Oblivion like in its "offspring" in Skyrim, so you couldn't do such things with them.


I've been looking forward this since Skyrim released and hope there would be some changes in the future about this since similar awsome things have already been done like Build Your Own Home. So what do you think about that? Sorry if this topic was discussed before…

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