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Adding a Companion to NWN2 OC


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I believe NWN1 did have both local & global ints, but since I apparently like to do things the hard way, I used to manually make a check/set int each time I needed one and would set it on the PC with things like "TalkedToValen". So, I'd be basically doing the same thing here, just without needing to create a script each time for it?


I'm using the "Sound" line in the "Node" tab in conversation for adding the corresponding audio. I'm thinking it might be not playing because of the filenames I'm using. I started with vs_nx2valem_20 and have worked my way up to vs_nx2valem_27. The initial Valen sound files started at vs_nx2valem_50 and went through vs_nx2valem_145.


I'll try launching the mod "for real" to see if the sound/facial glitches persist.


Oh, and no worries on spoilers. I've played the OC all the way through about 5 or 6 times and started it up to the Docks before I lost interest about 4 more times. I've played through MotB about 3 or 4 times as well.

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You were not doing things any harder than necessary. NWN1 does not have the ability to enter parameters in conversation scripts, so you would have had to create a new script for it. That's not the same thing as global vs local variables. The distinction is where the variables are stored, not whether you have to make new scripts. You do not need to make a new script to store or check either a global or a local variable in NWN2. Use the generic scripts for them.


My rule of thumb is that variables should be stored as locally as possible. Store it directly on the object that it concerns if possible. Or on the area the object is in. Or on the module containing those areas. Or on the PC, or the journal, or, if necessary, globally. Usually, the object is enough.


You assigned the sounds correctly, and the filenames of sounds do not matter. They can be anything, and don't need to conform to any sequence or naming convention as some other things do.

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