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Need: Increase the Effectiveness of Willpower


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Alright so I, like many others, love having a veritable-shton of Sustained abilities on my characters at most times, because -frankly- most of them are pretty dang cool.

I've installed a massive amount of mods just to make it possible to play a rapid-firing beserker reaver archer.


Of course this comes to the problem with being unable to use your own spells and abilities as your entire mana/stamina pool is getting chunks taken off of it, in addition to your regular abilites being more and more expensive due to fatigue. Things like the Stamina potion mods helps alleviate some of this problem, but even that at a certain point stops being effective as you just outright run out of maximum mana/stamina.

And then running the math, to figure out how much stamina I'll need to be able to house all of these cool things I want and shoot a single knockdown arrow, it points out that I'll need somewhere around 45-55+ Willpower to be able to actually do it, meaning it's essentially impossible.


So here's my solution:
Increase the amount of mana/stamina Willpower gives you by 1.5x or 2x.


Because of that, you'll have an overall larger pool meaning that sustained spells are only eating up 66% to 50% of your resources as usual, you'll have 50% to 100% more mana/stamina to use your fatigue-increased powers with, and yet your abilities' costs will stay the same since fatigue affects the cost independently.

Even better, you don't actually have to chance the sustained abilities themselves individually, it should theoretically be simple to implement, and theoretically should be compatible with all of the cool mods that DO affect the actual sustained abilities.

And if enemies operate on stats the same way characters do, then all's fair as enemies now have more stamina to slug you with.


And as far as regeneration is concerned, while it should take longer to fill up your total resource pool, if you're tapped out it still takes the same pace/time to be able to use your abilities again, also meaning you don't have to bother changing the thresholds where you get bonuses to regeneration for having low mana/stamina.


- - -

TL;DR: Increase the amount of mana/stamina Willpower gives you by 1.5x or 2x.


Edit: I have no idea how this is going to effect blood mages functionally since Health is also at a rate of 5 per point of CON, like stam/mana being 5 per point of WIL. It doesn't concern me much though, and changing constitution to match would lead to pretty bad balance issues, and changing the blood magic ability itself to make it cost relatively the same, it MAY cause incompatibility issues.

But if you feel compelled to do it, maybe include an alternate version that changes the health cost of blood-magic spells to be 46.666% less then the mana cost for a 1.5x willpower increase (80% * 33% + 20%) and 60% less for the 2x willpower increase (80% * 50% + 20%) so it would reduce his health total at the same decreased rate as his non-blood-magic spells would reduce his mana total. That might be a little OP though, but better then the alternative of buffing Con too.

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