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Skyrim Quest Request: Oblivion Crisis - The Madmarch

This is a post vanilla game quest request. Some of the side quests has to be beaten such as beating the main quest, College of Winterhold quest, Thieves guild quest, Dark Brotherhood beaten or destroyed, Forbidden Legend and etc. I just think it is easier that way to get a lot of this working without breaking the other quests.



I've read some posts about wanting quests with Jyggalag and the Champion of Cyrodil in them but the majority of them were extremely vague. This is just an ambitious story quest to the Skyrim. This was done in a few days so there's bound to be some errors, but this is my vision of a possible involvment with Jyggalag and the CoC in Skyrim.


Thanks for reading and your thoughts.


Things to consider:

A re-creation of the Shivering Isles and a minor Jygglag-Crystal version

Realms that looks suitable to each Daedric Prince

Oblivion’s Sheogorath

A giant meeting table realm in Oblivion to meet the Daedric Princes

Giant Models of the Daedric Princes

An Oblivion field for the battle between the Daedrice Princes and Jyggalag (Jyggalag’s portion should have crystal obelisks and such)

A smashed Gray Fox bust

A suitable armor set for the CoC to appear like a proper Champion of Jyggalag

Jyggalag’s sword

A useful Mysterium Xarxes

Suitable Daedric artifacts for each Daedric Prince

Gray cowl of Nocturnal

Archmage’s clothing from Oblivion

Jyggalag’s model and texture

Oblivion Gate model and animation

Oblivion related stuff.

Funny animations for Sheogorath.

And anything else that could better improve and add depth to this.



Jyggalag is going to create a new realm in Oblivion just for him but the other Daedric Princes will most likely not allow it. In order to create the new realm, Jyggalag summons his champion to do his bidding, the Champion of Cyrodil.


In order for the CoC to return without raising much suspicion, Jyggalag becomes Sheogorath once more. The two will trade spots every now and then.


In order for their great plan to work, they have to create an event that will throw off the other Daedric Princes. This requires another Greymarch but this time, into the realms of the other Daedric Princes lead by the Knights of Order. The CoC will keep the Dragon Born occupied as the Gray Fox, a Dark Brotherhood assassin trying to assassinate the DB, and the Archmage of a newly assembled Mages Guild that is predominantly supported by the Synod.


Sheogorath(CoC) will come and propose a quest to the DB. If the DB accepts, he’ll be transferred to New Sheoth and greeted by Sheogorath (Jyggy). A hint is given that this Sheogorath is not the one the DB met earlier in the game during the Daedric quest for Sheogorath. When the DB ask him about sharing a strawberry torte, Sheogorath (Jyggy) will not recall about sharing a strawberry torte. In addition, he should look like the Sheogorath from Oblivion.


While the Dragon Born reaches the New Sheoth, reports from other Oblivions will come in that they are also being invaded by Jyggalag and the Knights of Order. As the Dragon Born is invited to a council of Daedric Princes, the Dragon Born is granted an artifact from each Daedric Lord in which the DB could go into each realm as he please and stop the Greymarch or rather this Madmarch. This makes the DB the Daedric Champion. As the DB makes his way out of the council meeting, he is accosted by the Gray Fox and has these artifacts stolen and is kicked out of Oblivion back into Skyrim.


Once the DB returns to Skyrim, the Psijic reports that the Eye of Magnus has been stolen. The perpetrator donned a gray cowl. The DB must discover clues and the Psijic recommend starting with the Thieves guild. Upon reaching the Thieves guild, it is reported that the Gray Fox’s bust has been smashed. Karliah appears and tells the DB that the skeleton key has been stolen.


Karliah tells the DB that the last known appearance of the Gray Fox was 200 years ago during the Oblivion Crisis. Karliah suggests that the DB should talk to the other Thieves guild members if they might have some more information such as information on the Thieves Guild at the end of the Third era, Gray Fox and etc. The rest of the thieves guild members will say a bunch of generic stuff such as the “Gray Fox was thought to be immortal but I concluded that he died 200 years ago since that was the last time was spotted.” Another might be, “if the Gray Fox was alive, the Thieves guild wouldn’t be in the shape it is today.” Ravyn Imyan will tell the DB that the greatest heist ever pulled off by the Thieves Guild was also during the height of the Oblivion Crisis. Those quests difficulty kept getting more difficult such as changing the taxes, transfering the spiteful enemy of the Thieves guild Heironymus Lex to Anvil, stealing the then Archmage Hannibal Traven’s very own staff and then returning it, and lastly, an Elder Scroll from the Imperial palace’s library. Those heists were concluded to be a series of successor quests in which a new Gray Fox was installed and the old one retired. Ravyn Imyan concludes that the Gray Fox isn’t a person but a persona although sadly, there were no known successions since then and 200 years ago also marked the last known appearance of the Gray. When the DB asked who it was, Ravyn Imyan will state that no one really knows except for the Gray Fox, himself, which might be due to the relationship the gray cowl has with Nocturnal.


The DB comes back to tell Karliah what kind of information he got. Karliah will give further hints on how to proceed. The DB is told to go to the College of Winterhold to further investigate the Gray Fox. Talking to Urag gro-Shrub, the DB wil discover the Urag gro-Shrub has heard of the Gray Fox, but needs time to research it. In the mean time, as Archmage, the DB has to fulfill his function every now and then and teach class. The upcoming subject for the class will be a continuation of Daedra Involvement with Nirn. The topic will be the Oblivion Crisis. Urag gro-Shrub directs the DB to Enthir. If the DB asks about the Gray Fox, Urag gro-Shrub will say that he might have a few books and an article on that topic. These are the very same books and articles from Oblivion about the Gray Fox and perhaps even a new one about the Gray Fox.


Urag gro-Shrub will report to the DB that the gray cowl shrouds the identity of the wearer and not much is known other than that. But, since the identity of the wearer is shrouded, the Gray Fox could be anyone.


Talking to Enthir, Enthir will tell the DB that looking for materials for the Oblivion Crisis isn’t that hard. In fact, if the DB travels to the new Mystic Dawn museum in Dawnstar, he might be more prepared.


If the player has completed “Pieces of the Past,” with Silus Vesuius dead, the Gray Fox will be encountered in Silus’s house stealing the Mysterium Xarxes. If Silus is living, the Gray Fox will kill Silus, as the CoC was an enemy of the Mythic Dawn, and steal the Mysterium Xarxes. The Gray Fox will flee with the Mysterium Xarxes.


The DB will return to the College of Winterhold and report what happened. Another Psijic encounter takes place. They come and report that they tried locating the Eye of Magnus on Nirn but they cannot detect it after it was stolen. The Psijic wizard recommends asking the Augur of Dunlain for more information.


When the Augur of Dunlain is asked where the Eye of Magnus might be, even the Augur of Dunlain says that he does not know exactly except that it is no longer on Nirn. The Augur of Dunlain will state that the disappearance of the Eye of Magnus and the recent activities by the Gray Fox are linked to an hero of old called the Champion of Cyrodil. This champion is not to be trifled with as he bears many titles which is proof to his prowess, one of these is also Archmage of the Mages Guild. (What this means is that countless hours spent on spell crafting has enabled the CoC intimate working of magic making him a dangerous spell caster and giving him better spell defense and if possible, spell penetration.) The Augur directs the DB to go and talk with Delphine and the surrounding details of the Mysterium Xarxes.


After finding Delphine, Delphine will tell the DB that during the Oblivion Crisis, the Mysterium Xarxes was the key and gateway to getting the Amulet of the Kings from Mankar Camoran. In order to open the gate, four items were necessary: a great welkynd stone, which acted as the source of power, a great sigil stone which was the anchor, a daedric artifact which was an essence of a Daedric Prince, and the blood of an Aedra which was gained from blood samples from Tiber Septim from his armor. She asks him why he wants to know about the ritual? The DB will respond that as Archmage of the College of Winterhold (CoW), he is expected to fulfill his duties every once and awhile.


The DB goes back to the CoW and asks around about Oblivion gates. He is referred to Phinis Gestor. Phinis Gestor replies that his knowledge is limited as he specializes in necromancy. He mentions that the DB should consult his former mentor, Falion who resides as the court wizard in Morthal.


Talking with Falion in Morthal about opening a gate to Oblivion, Falion will tell the DB that it is difficult to enter Oblivion physically and more so after the Oblivion Crisis. It is natural for the spirits of the dead to traverse to either Aetherius or Oblivion. A mage might typically go in ethereal form into Oblivion. During the Oblivion Crisis, there were many who traveled to Oblivion physically seeking fame and fortune but many did not return. Falion will recount the story Bruma when the city lost hope when many Oblivion gates opened near the city. The Champion of Cyrodil came along and taught Captain Burd of Bruman how to close the gate. The stories reported that the anchor that held the gate opened was a sigil stone. From further descriptions, vast amounts of energy were fed to the sigil stone in order to keep the Oblivion door opened. When a sigil stone was taken out of place, it caused an unstable reaction that send out a huge explosion of energy sending any mortal back into Tamriel and closing the gate.


Falion will explain that he doesn’t know how to specifically open a way into Oblivion, he believes he understands the concept.


When the DB mentions the Mysterium Xarxes, Falion will reply that he has done extensive research on it when a young man from Dawnstar claimed to have obtain the last vestiges of the Mysterium Xarxes, and a full set copy of Mankar Camoran’s commentaries. Nothing really useful came out of it.


Falion will direct the DB to go consult with the young man in Dawnstar but the DB will report that he has been killed by the Gray Fox.


If the DB tells Falion what Delphine said, Falion will contemplate about it and tells the DB to come back in a day. Afterward, Falion will say that he has a possible answer but the DB should reveal why the DB is holding back on information such as why the Gray Fox is involved. The DB could keep quiet but Falion will only tell the DB that opening up a gate to Oblivion requires a great source of power, the essence of both a Daedric Prince and an Aedra Lord, and a strong anchor like a great sigil stone.


If the DB confides in Falion, the DB will tell of his involvement in the war started by Jyggalag against the other Daedric Prince, the Gray Fox’s involvement and how the Champion of Cyrodil is also involved. Falion will tell the DB that if that is the case, Jyggalag might be planning on a massive, simultaneous invasion of all the realms governed by the other Daedric Princes seeing how the Eye of Magnus might act like a power source and how the Daedras could easily obtain the necessary components to open up Oblivion gates. But, Falion will mention that one thing doesn’t make sense, where does the Mysterium Xarxes fit into all of this if this is a Daedric war? Opening Oblivion gate to another plane of Oblivion is one thing but using the Mysterium Xarxes is just doesn’t add up.


The DB could ask why is the Mysterium Xarxes out of place? Falion could simply reply that after the Oblivion Crisis, opening an Oblivion Gate is extremely difficult. Smaller gates are possible but it is only by contract through the proper ritual sacrifices or offerings. The only thing that will come through might be a lessor daedric being.


(During the time that the DB is back in Skyrim, anytime the player sleeps, an un-named Dark Brotherhood assassin will attack the player. Attacks could also take place while the DB is traveling either by foot or horse around Skyrim. This un-named Dark Brotherhood assassin cannot be killed but will flee when health is low. If the player did not destroy the Dark Brother, he could go to the Dark Brotherhood lair and the Night Mother will disclose to the player that a Listener of old has returned. If the Dark brotherhood was destroyed, reporting this event to Commander Maro, he will take this as the return of the Dark Brother and they are might be trying to get their revenge.)


Once the DB leaves Falion and goes outside, Sheogorath (CoC) will appear and ask him where he has been. “Things are not looking good. Weren’t you the elected Daedric Champion that was chosen to stop Jyggalag’s Madmarch over all of Oblivion? Come now Sonny Jim”


With that, the DB is transported back to the Shivering Isle. Sheogorath reports that both of his Dukes has betrayed him and recalled that something similar happened before but it was only one Duke.Sheogorath will joke that perhaps Jyggalag offers better benefits such as a clean, bright, orderly work environment. Sheogorath will jokingly asks if the DB wants to become a replacement Duke? Sheogorath will tell the DB that He was just joking but jokes aside, Sheogorath will reveal that he was also once asked that.


He will say, “You’re needed at every battlefront as the war heats up, but I’m feeling up for another vacation. In my absence, if the other Daedric Princes calls another war council, give them my memo. Please and thanks. Buh-bye now.”


The DB has to go to one of each of the 13 Daedric Prince’s realms and fight at a strategic battle front. A success at each battlefront will have Jyggalag’s forces retreat. After completing everyone, the player will be again be summoned by the Daedric Princes with Sheogorath missing. The DB will inform the rest that Sheogorath is on vacation which angers some of the other Princes. Some criticizes Sheogorath for how could he take things easy when Jyggalag might be planning for a major counter-attack. All the Daedric Princes agree that even though Jyggalag’s forces has suffered a big setback, they should press him. They have discovered where Jyggalag’s main force is camped and each of them will accompany the DB with the appropriate forces to settle this matter once and for all. They make note that the Eye of Magnus is also there but it is guarded by Jyggalag’s champion who wields the sword of Jyggalag.


They charge through several Oblivion gates to reach an Oblivion plane. The Daedric Lords call out to Jyggalag and provokes him to combat. The DB has to fight his way through to the Eye of Magnus. Once reaching the Eye of Magnus, the DB will engage the Champion of Jyggalag one-on-one. The Champion of Jyggalag will defeat the DB. A scene will play where Jyggalag is having trouble fighting the other Daedric Princes but several priests of Order will begin a ceremony that will destroy the Daedric Artifacts that was stolen from the DB by the Gray Fox along with Sheogorath’s staff. The combined essences will engulf Jyggalag and he will be able to strengthen himself to overwhelm the other Daedric Princes. The Daedric Princes makes their retreat leaving the DB by himself. The DB will watch as the Eye of Magnus is operated to the max. It is now that the Mysterium Xarxes is revealed. Jyggalag’s Champion comes over to the DB and asks him for any last words, the DB unleashes a shout that staggers Jyggalag’s Champion. JC states that the DB is truly a fearsome dragon. The JC stabs the DB and the DB falls unconscious.


The DB awakens back on Skyrim at the Archmages chamber in the CoW. The same Psijic wizard walks up to the bedside and mention how they found the DB in critical condition. The DB asks the Psijic wizard what happened? The Psijic wizard told the DB that since the Eye of Magnus was no longer detect on Nirn, it must be in another realm. They concluded after watching the DB’s movements that the Eye of Magnus must be in Oblivion, but the Eye of Magnus has again been detected in Nirn specifically in the ruins of Saarthal. A contingent force has been sent and a battle has started at Saarthal. The Psijic will comment how ironic that the beginning might also be the end.


The DB must travel to that place. Upon reaching the battlefield, the DB sees an army of wizards fighting against the Psijic. Inquiring about the battle, a fellow Psijic says that a mage of renown power has reorganized the Mage’s guild with the help of The Synod and proclaimed himself as Archmage of the new Mages Guild.


The DB will fight into the depths of Saarthal. A Psijic will inform that DB that the Archmage has retreated into the portal. When asked where the Eye of Magnus is, the Psijic will answer that it is felt beyond the portal.


Once entering in, the DB will see a beautiful realm of full of white shining crystal trees and crystal grass under a crystal sky full of perfect order. The DB start monologuing like Mankar Camoran. The CoC will boast how beautiful this realm (but doesn’t say that he created it). He will go on a rant, “So, enter the dragon. Behold, the Shivering Isle that has been restored to “a world of perfect order.”


“Mankar Camoran once said that Nirn was originally Mehrunes Dagon’s plane of Oblivion. In the same way, the Shivering Isles once belonged to Jyggalag. Unlike Mehrunes Dagon’s efforts to reclaim his realm, my master, Jyggalag has finally succeeded in reclaiming his realm.”


“You are located in the Garden where my disciples are. If you truly are the Dragonborn, this place will not hold you long. From here, there is the Exteriori and then the Sanctum of Order”


Proceeding forth, the DB will fight Knights of Orders and some mages from the newly formed Mages Guild.


Upon reaching the Exteriori, the CoC will once again speak. “Do you understand that each Daedric Prince has a realm. You have met all of them. The depreciated Aedra, Malacath and his Ashpit. Boethia and his raging realm. Molag Baal and his apocalyptic copy of the Princedom of Lorkhan’s, Coldharbour. Meridia’s Colored room. Hiricine’s feral Hunting Grounds. Hermeaus Mora’s library realm, Apocrypha. Azura’s majestic realm Moonshadows. The lowests realm, the Pits, ruled by the weakest Daedric Prince, Peryite. The foolish Clavicus Vile and his realm of diminished power. Sanguine, the master debaucheror, and his carnal realm. Then there is Vaermina and her horrifying Quagmire. Nocturnal and her twilight realm, Evergloam. Even the supposed astute Mankar Camoran couldn’t get all this right.”


After making it to the Sanctum of Order, the CoC will say, “Do you wonder why Jyggalag is here?”


A fight will ensure with Jyggalag in the background. The CoC will be dressed as the Champion of Jyggalag and will be using the Sword of Jyggalag.


After the DB wins, Jyggalag will stand up and will take his sword. Jyggalag will comment that last time he fought with a mortal, he was not at full power. Now that he is at full power, how will a fight with another mortal champion fare? Then Jyggalag will start laughing and take off his helmet to show Sheogorath.


Sheo-Jygg: Anne Marie, you could stop playing around now. Oh, are you really dead? Guess we’ll just have to replace you with the Dragonborn. Making more Sheogoraths is a straightforward and easy process anyway.


DB: Wait, what just happened? The Champion of Cyrodil was … you’re a woman!


Sheo-Ann Marie: Wow, you’re so dense. I hinted it to you before that you could call me Ann Marie. Wouldn’t that suggest something? Anyway, this was so much fun. Most fun in well, the day I broke into Sheogorath. We got to try this again some other times.


Sheo-Jygg: But the other Daedric Princes probably won’t be too happy. They don’t like me. You know that other me that’s full of order and logic.


DB: Am I missing something?


Sheo-Jygg reverts to Jyggalag and answers: I was cursed with madness by my fellow Daedric Princes because they were fearful of my power and envious of the scope of my realm. By their curse, I became a broken ruler over a broken land and became known as Sheogorath of the Shivering Isles. The Champion of Cyrodil managed to break the Greymarch cycle but was unable to completely lift the curse. At your first defeat at the hands of my champion, you witnessed a ceremony where an artifact from each Daedric Prince was undone and their essences engulfed me. That was not an empowering ritual but a ritual to fully lift the curse that bound my land and me. However, being Sheogorath has taught me about creativity which I exploited.


DB: What was the curse?


Sheo-Anne Marie: The curse was Sheogorath itself. Sheogorath is not a mantle or persona or anything else. It is a curse of brokenness. The one unique aspect about this curse is that it wanes only to be renewed. The curse began to wane once Alduin reappeared.


DB: What was the importance for that?


Jyggalag: With my absence, all of Oblivion and Mundus formed a solidarity around Sheogorath - a broken me. With the unsuccessful Greymarch 200 years ago, the cycle was stopped and provided a way for Sheogorath and me to develop a plan to create my new realm - one that is far removed from the other Daedric Princes. A realm that will not upset the established order. As I am the Daedric Prince of Order, order must be maintained but my return will undo the order that has been established. With the curse, Sheogorath cannot fully be Sheogorath as the Shivering Isles will always be bound to me. Only when the curse was at its weakest could it be completely lifted so Sheogorath can rightfully be the ruler of this land.


DB: Will you take over Mundus now?


Jyggalag: That is not possible even if I wanted to. Mundus is protected by an impenetrable barrier so that Daedras cannot enter.


DB: How was Sheogorath able to pass it?


Sheo-Anne Marie: I’m an exception since I was originally mortal. You know, Talos wasn’t the only one to achieve god status. And, since I was an exception, the barrier doesn’t affect me in anyway. Now, let me put on my beard, suit and take out my handy-dandy cane and TA-DA!


DB: What role will Mundus serve?


Jyggalag: Mundus will be the fringe that will protect my realm and I from ever being humiliated by the other Daedric Princes. If they again seek ill-will against me, they have to go through Mundus first which will be impossible. My new realm and I will be out of their reach.


DB: How was all this possible?


Sheogorath: Mankar Camoran was able to create his Paradise in Oblivion. So, we thought to emulate that. If the other Daedric Princes knew what we were up to, they would furiously oppose us right from the start. The Madmarch was part of a diversion plan created to draw the attention of the other Daedric Princes with you playing the lead role. Nocturnal’s gray cowl allowed me to move freely and Jyggalag was willing to take up the mantle of Sheogorath again so as not to raise any suspicion.


While doing quests for the former Gray Fox, I learned that he used a magical item called the Savilla’s stone to scry into the most secured locations. That’s how we were able to complete the Ultimate Heist of stealing an Elder Scroll from the Imperial Castle’s library. What a romantic ending it was. I wish I could go back to those days.


Oh, let’s not forget that I was personally involved in the Oblivion crisis and learned somethings from Martin Septim. I was able to observe some interesting things like how to draw very intricate combination of shapes like a triangle within a circle.


And, I don’t want to further bore you with any more stories. Why don’t you buy the TES IV: Oblivion GOTY and just play it. You know, get a first person experience of some of the stuff I went through unless you played it and know what I’m talking about. Please be sure to check out all the cool mods over at the Nexus Mods website. I would give you a direct link, but they might change their web address. I hate giving out dead links.


DG: How can you use the Mysterium Xarxes? It’s not complete.


Jyggalag: Mortal, you simply lack understanding of what a Daedric Prince could accomplish. Watch and learn.


Sheogorath: Exit stage left!


Sheogorath takes out the skeleton key and unlocks the Jyggalag’s sword and places the essence upon the Mysterium Xarxes and locks it into place.


Sheogorath: Jyggalag, you’re now permanently bound to the Mysterium Xarxes. We’ll be proceeding. How do you use setstage in the console command again? I hope this works. Oh hey, it worked!


He takes the key and unlocks the potential of the Mysterium Xarxes. A portal opens up. Jyggalag is given the key and he inserts in the air and unlocks it. The surrounding starts to break down and goes into the newly opened portal.


DB: What’s happening?


Jyggalag: Using the power of the Eye of Magnus, I am creating a new realm in Oblivion and returning jurisdiction to Sheogorath.


DB: Will the Shivering Isles, I mean, will this realm disappear?


Jyggalag: No, it remains in the jurisdiction of Sheogorath. The new realm requires the finishing touches and stands ready to be governed by its master.


DB: Then what will happen now that the curse is completely lifted? Will Sheogorath cease to exist?


Jyggalag: That one? That one never inherited the curse. She just grew into the role.


Sheogorath: You can’t fix that which isn’t broken and I’m not broken. We’ll, okay maybe my heart is broken when two of my Dukes favored Jyggalag over me. Give me some comfort food!


Jyggalag will start his departure into his new realm. Sheogorath is given the key and locks the Mysterium Xarxes to close the portal.


Sheogorath: Well, guess you should return everything what I stolen as a way to make amends with everybody. Here’s this nifty key that can speed up the process and do return it to its proper place.


Sheogorath first locks some curses from the DB and says, “since I’m a nice guy and basically trolled you, I’ll freed you from some of the curses that were placed upon you by some of the nastier guys. They really wanted your soul that badly. Maybe I should’ve left mine and make you into a Sheogorath too so when I’m on vacation, I have someone to watch Haskill for me. Trust me, you’ll absolutely grow into the role. Then, you could be the demented twin and I could be the maniac twin! What do you say?”


As scene could play where the two stands there for a moment awkwardly and Sheogorath breaks the ice saying, “Would you still like to share a strawberry torte with me before you leave?”


DB can answer yes or no.


Before the DB leaves, Sheogorath will tell the DB not to worry about the other Daedric Princes. He’ll fib and tell them that Jyggalag went into self-imposed exile.


The DB has to use the key to return to Skyrim and along with that, everything that was stolen will be returned automatically. A Psijic member will approach the DB and thank him for returning the Eye of Magnus. Karliah will also appear and thank the DB for returning the skeleton key.



Bethesda TES Oblivion and Skyrim.





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