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In response to post #121456101. #125670216 is also a reply to the same post.

SCARaw wrote: i can't believe Bethesda used to be based and release free mods for their own games
some of them are absolute worth it gems:

female armor meshes - good fix
Master index - poorly designed fast travel quest
Adamentium armor - more or less what medium armor needed

also sound fix :)

now all of it would be 20$ in creation club later include in stupid pay twice edition for 30$/60$
TenshiOkihana wrote: The times when games were made with love and passion and not money in mind TuT

I've been saying it since Oblivion: Bethesda's glory days are behind them. Fallout 4, FO76 and Starfield prove it. It's all downhill from here, and re-Todd and his boyfriend Emil refuse to admit it.
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