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Wanderings of a Wood Elf ~ Skyrim FanFic


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This Fan Fiction is set in the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the style of a Journal kept by our Hero. If you like what you read, please go to my Blog Page: Valenwood Verbiage and if anyone has Facebook please use the link to LIKE my Promotion Page there as well. Thank you so much. I hope you continue to read along. This is only a short sample of my story.


The writings in the pages ahead of you are out of the Journal of
Alastríona Bosmerí, a Wood Elf on her life's journey.

4E 168
Fredas, the 8th of Rain's Hand

On the day that Emperor Titus Mede II ascended the throne, I was born into this world. My life began in the northern city of Arenthia, Valenwood. My father, Daibhí Bosmerí, was a Woods Guide, making a living leading travelers, mostly from Cyrodiil & Elsweyr, through our dense forests to cities around the Province. In his free time he would travel evermore with the Aldmeri Traveler's Guild in a group called the Huntsmen, learning what he could about the flora & fauna of Tamriel. My mother, Sinéad, was a simple She-Elf, spending most of her days caring for, nurturing and teaching me the ways of our people. We Tree-Sap People are blessed with gifts unique to our Race, bestowed upon us in the Dawn Era by Y'ffre, Goddess of the Forest.


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