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UFO intercept - CTD when engaging (log+savegame)


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Based on your attachment filename, I think you are attempting to report a Long War problem. If so ...


Please check for known, and report new, Long War bugs in the appropriate "Feedback" thread in the "XCOM Files Discussion" section, which is where the team supports it (including Mac/Linux versions). Note the information they need is found in their documentation included in the LW download.


You may also find the "Troubleshooting Basics" wiki article of some help.


If you are having problems with some other mod, the best place to report problems is in the comments of the mod's Nexus download page, or in the appropriate thread in the "XCOM Uploaded Files" section (which is where those comments can also be found).


This section is aimed at new mod development problems, so they don't check here for problems with existing mods.


Thanks for taking the time to report the issue.



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