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Im looking for help on making a spell or script that can transform your hair or equip a helmet.


or maybe equip a helmet at start of spell and then remove it at the end of the spell.

or even a hair color change transformation.


The goal i have is to make a Dragon ball z Super Saiyan transformation.


i have the Skyrim Naruto overhaul


and the DBZ overhaul


and im working to create the SuperSaiyan effect with the Kaioken from the DBZ and/or Kyuubi Mode from Naruto Overhaul.


I already changed the effects and textures for the Super SAIYAN using the kaioken effect im just missing the hair being equipped.


the kyuubi mode has a great script that gives the player a yellow glow to the body but its a power that doesnt have a duration of time just a on/off switch basically.

if would be great if someone could help me add some lines in the script to where i can equip a helmet or change hair color at the start of the spell and at the end have the helmet be removed or hair change back to normal color.

Also add a time limit instead of the toggle.


any help would be appreciated. i know this mod can go a long way. a huge step in the right direction if you guys help me.



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