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Nifskope help for using Hitman's anims for non-millenia guns


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I'm trying to replace MAIBATSU's AK12's (and hopefully later, millenia's g36k) default reload anims (2hareloadF) with the hitman AK reload anims


i used nifskope to add in the nodes used by the ak12 and i did all the GECK stuff, but when i reload the gun in-game it produces a problem i have yet to solve with my limited nifskope knowledge, i made an album on this here:








(^ Originally posted here: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2339079-random-things-about-animations/page-18 )



I am currently trying to change MAIBATSU's ak12 to hitman's ak reload anims, though i came close to success with my limited nifskope knowledge, i need some help on solving this annoying issue as demonstrated in the imgur album above


although no images are provided, this problem i am having also appears on millenia's g36k which i also tried to change animations for


where in nifskope can i translate the magazines back to it's proper position during the reload animation? the mesh always seems to misplace itself by -10 units in the x-axis as soon as the reload animation begins, otherwise the magazine behaves as expected


I'm posting here in hopes for responses, any response would be greatly appreciated

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