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Why i came up with this:

Its really anoying that you can carry soo much as too only walk, yet this issue can be overcome by dropping a book.
Because the "you cannot run" rule is triggered at a certain value and not built up to.
Each individual weight value should contribute to movement speed on its own.
If im only carrying 1 set of armor and a sword, i still want to be slowed down because of it.


Here's how it could work with values:

200 - 100 - 50 = 150/200 + 0 = 25%
Capacity - Inventory - Equipment = Penalty Value + Extra Stamina = Movement Speed.


(items "worn", "held" or "used" by player are halved in weight)


If i carried NOTHING but the following items, in my INVENTORY while at CHARACTER LEVEL1:
Helmet 10
Armour 22
Boots 08
Gloves 08
Amulet 01
Ring 01
Shield 18
Sword 16
TOTAL / PENALTY = 84 (84/200)

my running speed would be reduced to 42% of vanilla/normal movement speed (84/200 = 42/100 = 42%).
if i equip ALL OF THESE ITEMS the weight is halved and therefore movement speed doubles (total/penalty value drops to 21%, Half.)
This means i could WEAR these items and CARRY duplicates of them in my inventory creating a Penalty Value of 126/200 or 63% less speed.

each +10 of Stamina (as in, when selecting stamina at LEVELUP) = should reduce penalty by 2%.
this means at 200 Stamina penalties are reduced by 20% (since character starts at 100)
this also means at 200 Stamina the player will move 20% faster when carrying nothing.

Other Effects and Specific Rules:

the speed penalty should only affect running and sprinting.
jumping should also change with penalty,
jumping should be disabled when penalty reaches 75%

falling damage increases alongside penalty value - but stops increasing when value reaches 50%
this means falling is upto 50% more sensitive to health

walking and sneaking should not be altered under any circumstances - until penalty reaches 90% when movement speed begins to take effect.
At & beyond 75% penalty, the character will receive "blisters", "muscle & joint pain" etc under active effects, which reduce health from 10 > 30 %
100% penalty/capacity means you cannot move without a mount.


this will force players to value their carrying capacity as they would in real life.
they will be forced to reconsider their actions, such as mission tactics, utilizing character play-style, planning adventure routes for merchant selling and returning home to drop wanted objects.
Players using this mod will most likely only carry the apparel they are wearing along with 1 melee weapon and 1 ranged weapon.

I really think someone needs to make this mod, its something that is missing in skyrim more than ever now we have so many other "immersive" realism mods.

also please link me to the mod & include my name in the title/description if you decide to make it :smile: thanks!

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Well, moving, falling, health and stamina penalties... that's cool. But the mod I would call realistic and I wish to see it's when you have to carry something - you have to actualy put it somewhere. In real life you can't carry a several sets of plate armor in a pocket.

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