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Card or dice games in Skyrim


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I saw a couple of mods that involved gambling, one of them didn't work properly and the other one didn't look at all lore-friendly cos it had Dwemer poker machines or something lol. I'm just wondering now if anyone wants to make a lore-friendly mod that places an NPC in taverns that allows you to play dice or card games, I'm sure that would fit the world and it would be pretty cool



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The mod adds a game of dice to the main taverns of all the major cities of Skyrim. The Bosmer Thieves Guild accept bets for profit.
Bet - 10 Septims,
If the total points:
- 7 or less - the bet is lost
- 8 - the rate is returned
- 9 or 10 - win doubles (20 Septims)

This is what I know, since I tried it.
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