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Storage with maximum capacity


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Isn't it just weird how you have such a large home filled with cupboards, chest, lock boxes, and stuff yet you stuff everything into one cupboard? Or how you can fit a battleaxe, bow, staff, and armor into a jewelry box? With the mod you are looking for, specific boxes can only hold so much stuff of certain things. Now, your bow doesn't fit into a jewelry box but it can fit onto a rack or into a closet or a dresser. ingots cannot fit into jewelry boxes but can in safes. Jewelry can be put anywhere, however, here's the catch: only so much weight can be put into a storage container. Most of the large objects to most of the small objects are based on a weight that accommodates its relative value. Also, it would be nice that you can get robbed by thieves. If your valuables aren't in a safe or lock box or display case, they can be stolen. You can retrieve them by looking for clues left behind. You can upgrade the quality of the lock that protects your valuables that lowers the chance that they might crack the code and steal the items. Just for food for thought.

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