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The closest I've seen to an attempt to reconstruct the Pit (the scrapped arena in Windhelm, like the one from Oblivion) was someone on Steam trying it. They completely ignored the pre-existing NPCs and quests and just recycled the dialogue from Oblivion, and made no attempt at a questline, which was a little disappointing.

Frankly, I'd love to see someone do this, and develop an actual questline with Benkum, Brond, Huki and co. I'd do it myself, but I just don't have the skill. It'd make Windhelm a more interesting place, and Torbjorn wouldn't look like an idiot for talking about NPCs that don't exist anymore. And the people calling eachother "pit-bait" would finally make sense too. Still, if anyone will do this, I might as well share what I know to make the task a little easier.

As far as I can tell, the door to the Pit (for spectators, so presumably you could bet on matches like in Oblivion) was supposed to be in the stone corridor between the Aretino Residence and the Palace. However, the place where I think the door was supposed to be (just to the east of the palace square) has been walled off, so it'll require retexturing to make the space for the door accessible again. The Pit also uses special doors, so new doorway models may be needed.

The Windhelm Barracks were supposed to be the Bloodworks, and are still identified as such by some NPCs, and in the game files.

The worldspace for the Pit itself exists, and is pretty much complete, as are some quests (mostly just missing dialogue). The most interesting is the possibility to face Alain Dufont in the Pit instead of Raldbthar during the DB quest. Also, serving your time in prison in Windhelm was initially only supposed to be possible by winning a match in the Pit. Huki is in charge of the Pit, Benkum seems to be in charge of bets/volunteers. All the others (Liesl, Brond and Edorfin) are combatants, and they're all the highest rank.

What I can't figure out is how prisoners were supposed to get from their cells to the Pit. According to quests, they were supposed to go through the metal gate into the prison area, but that just leads back up into the barracks. I think the door to the Pit may have been at the end of the corridor at the top of the stairs, near that eagle head statue, as there's another, seemingly pointless section of the corridor hidden behind the wall next to it.

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