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Returning to Oblivion *Help!*


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Hey all,


After a long disputed and unforseeable argument with a friend over who was in the right, Stormcloaks or Imperials, I decided to read up on timelines/hisory of TES and it really got me wanting to try Oblivion again. The thing that bothered me most about IV is how enemies lvl'd with the PC so I searched for a mod that was like the equivalent of Requiem for Skyrim or mods that made Oblivion like Morrowind. I found FCOM and followed the install to a T: failed. Now on my 4th try re-installing and trying for just OOO but it seems all compatibility is tied to FCOM now? This last build made me CTD on startup of the game.


I used OBSE, BOSS, Wyre Bash, Steam GOTY:Deluxe and added OOO(1.35a), TRN, Better Cities(Full), AN-LightsOnly, Enhanced Economy, EDI(1.3), Kvatch Rebuilt, CM Partners


I was running it fine with just OOO, Better Cities, AN-Full but I saw Enhanced Daedric Invasion and had to have that. I also just learned Wyre Bash, so it may be my greenness with that.


My question is: Does any of this not work well together? Even with the bashed patch? Any guides for OOO compatability(not FCOM, unless they're implying they work together)?


I've scoured the internet for answer and have usually been successful, but I've given up on Skyrim till it's matured more and I'll be damned if I give up on Oblivion now. Of course there is always Morrowind which requires 0 mods imo =D


Thanks for any help.

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Ctd on startup usually means a missing master file. I would suggest disabling/uninstalling some of your mods to tell which mod isn't installed properly (possibly better cities).


OOO was made as standalone overhaul and works fine without FCOM.

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