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Followers in Carriages for Fast Travel


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Hello everyone.

I ran into an unexpected problem recently. I tried to get the major hold cities opened up for easier travel by using the carriages. I had two Followers with me (Serana and Lydia, in case it matters). The carriage driver took my gold and told me to get in the back. I did, but he refused to go anywhere. In fact, he kept telling me to hurry up. Apparently, the company I was keeping kept me from taking Tamriel Mass Transit.

I know I could dismiss the Followers, make the rounds, and go get them back. But seriously, there's enough room in that freakin' carriage for everyone.

Basically, a mod to allow carriage travel with Followers tagging along (either sitting in the carriage or not) would be a nice time-saver.

Thanks for reading.

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