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The game freezes when I try to load a save


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I've just started playing the second module of the Bastard of Kosigan series. When I try to load a save, the game freezes when it says "Unpacking Module". I've never had this happen before, even with other user-made modules, so I'm not sure what to do. As far as I can tell, it only happens with saves from this one module.


I've tested several saves, in different slots. Occasionally one will work, but most don't. I also tried starting the module with a brand new character to test if importing a character was causing problems somehow. The saves for the new character have the same problem.


There doesn't seem to be any pattern at all. I just loaded one save that wasn't working last night. Then I made a few more saves in the same map to test things out, and none of them would load, and neither would the save I originally loaded. Then I quit and restarted the game, and the original save was working again. So I made a quicksave and immediately tried to load it, and it didn't work. The whole thing is completely random.


Throughout all of this, I've made no changes to my NWN folder other than deleting a lot of old saves I wasn't using anymore, from other modules. I thought maybe having so many saves was slowing down the system somehow and deleting them might help, but it didn't.


On the advice of someone on the GOG forums, I looked into the log files. Here's what I found:

The "logs" folder has two txt files: nwclientError1.txt and nwclientLog1.txt

The first one is blank. The second one has this:
[Mon Feb 16 22:01:58]Server Starting Up: 10 Second Heartbeat logging has been disabled
[Mon Feb 16 22:01:58]---- Server Options ----
Max Players: 6
Char Levels: (1-40)
Player Password: NO
DM Login Enabled: YES
Server Admin Login Enabled: YES
Post Game To Internet: YES
Game Type: Action
Difficulty: 3
PVP Setting: FULL
Vault: LOCAL
Only One Party: NO
Enforce Legal Characters: NO
Item Level Restrictions: NO
Player pausing: ENABLED
Auto Save: Enabled
Saving Characters in Saved Game
---- End Server Options ----
[Mon Feb 16 22:01:58] Player [] () Joined as Server Admin 1
[Mon Feb 16 22:01:58] Player () Joined as Player 1
[Mon Feb 16 22:01:58] Loading Module: 000737 - bok82\The Bastard of Kosigan
[Mon Feb 16 22:02:15] Loading Module: 000757 - bok83\The Bastard of Kosigan

There's also a file called AR_ERROR.LOG in the main game folder. That file has this:
Names Differ: rwc_dirt_001 rwc_dirt_01

bok82 was a save that wasn't working before, but worked this time. bok83 was a save I made after loading bok82 to test things. When I tried to load bok83, it froze. I don't know what this stuff means, but I hope it helps.

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