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Mount & Blade mods and Linux


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Hey there,


I'm having trouble virtually getting any mods to work. I use Linux Mint, and apart from some random crashes, the game works just fine for me, i.e. it's playable if you make sure to save often enough.


But so far, any mod I've downloaded came down with an RGL-error, saying they couldn't locate a file. The mods in particular are Europe 1805 V.2.2, Native Expansion, and Sword of Damocles Gold V.4.57 beta. These errors occur always when loading textures.


I'm really at a loss here and can't figure out what the heck is causing this bloody problem; the resources that are claimed to be missing are (apart from Native Expansion, which appears to be incomplete) always there.


I'd be really glad if someone could help me solve this; I really love this game, but without mods it's a little, well, meh^^


So, thanks in advance to anyone willing to help figure this piece of rubbish out :tongue:


BTW., we're talking about Mount&Blade, NOT Warband.

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