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Explorers of the New World


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Chapter 23

(415 words.)

May 6 9:34 AM - Bush Company Headquarters

The air was calm as patrons from the previous night awoke next to naked companions of their choosing. But although the customers slept and the workers kept at their jobs others had been gathering information as it was their main directive as the Bush Company. A woman in leather boots stomped through the halls leading to Valmet’s office. Hair shaved short wearing a low cut blouse made from hide with a pair of seal skin trousers. She barged in short of breath having ran quite a distance.

Valmet sat at her desk nursing a cup of tea as she looked up to greet Holly who had just entered the room. “I assume the news is dire?”

“It is. I brought you reports of movements of the Zang Empire. They just started to move and it will take them weeks to reach Cordova but I assume they have no interest in the NCR based upon current statements from our operatives.” Holly said as she took a chair and exhaled.

“Then what. Why are they mobilizing?”

“We surmise it’s to put pressure on the other Tahs, the ones who are opposed to human co-habitation. That and I think they plan on making an assault on Anchorage.”

Valmet drank some of her tea as she flipped through the reports. “If they are moving to aggravate the Tahs, how long until you think they decide to act?”

“By our estimates, a matter of hours. The Tahs are sitting on a powder keg, and it’s primed to blow. We already surmised that their unprovoked abduction marks their current political unease. We think the NCR were taken to appease the current political powers and to keep the Pro-War groups at bay.” Holly took a moment to pause.

“Right now with the Zang encroaching on their doorstep it will give the War groups reason to act, putting the NCR at further risk. We know not which Tah faction has taken them but we can only guess that they’re still alive as no declarations have been made at this time.”

“Damn!” - Valmet said as she slammed her desk. “Have you sent word to Ashland?”

“Yes, a courier was on his way already.”

“I just hope the Rangers work fast enough, otherwise we might be facing another war on our hands.” Valmet said her voice filled with uncertainty. “What of Stonewall? Why haven’t they stopped their advance yet?”

“That’s the thing, they haven’t tried yet. We assume that they’re not currently interested in interfering at the moment. We know they had their share of issues the past few months, cave ins and toxic gas underground. But we’re not sure why they haven’t acted yet.”

“Rest up for now Holly. I fear we’ll need to work soon enough ourselves.”

“Yes Ma'am!” Holly said as she left the room leaving Valmet to her thoughts. So. The Zang want to pressure the Tahs, I wonder why Stonewall hasn’t stopped their advance yet. Something must be happening in their underground city. But what? Valmet thought as she began to drink from her cup only to see it empty.
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