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New to Modding Witch 3, some guidance please

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Hey all,


So I've worked with Skyrim quite a bit, uploaded a few mods but mostly made personal tweaks for my own use...I'm fairly skilled with the Creation Kit and know a bit of coding here and there. But I honestly have no clue what is needed/required to mod The Witcher 3 and am looking for any guidance, links, tuts, vids or pretty much any help, as I feel there are a number of issues with the game that need fixing.


If anyone could point me in the direction to software needed/used for modding, I would appreciate it.


Take care,


PS - Typing to fast and put Witch, not Witcher in title...grrr.

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You'll have to use QuickBMS to extract/repack the content of the bundle files, neuxmods tutorial.


Meshes/textures/etc seem to be custom formats, different from the Witcher 2 ones, so they're a bit harder to edit. There are some discussions on zenhax and xentax boards.


XeNTaX: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (*.cache*.bundle)


ZenHAX: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (*.cache*.bundle)



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