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[Request] Gwent Mod

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Alright, so I am dealing with the frustration of not being able to obtain cards due to NPCs that were in certain locations being gone now. The only way I would have known that they would not be there at a later time would be if I had spoiled certain quests for me. This has happened to me three times now, and it is growing frustrating. It's either I get good gwent cards and spoil the story for myself, or I have a crappy gimped gwent deck that is incapable of winning against NPCs to obtain better cards. Option 2 is where I'm stuck at now so gwent is basically a useless feature that I can't even access at this point.


My suggestion is that someone makes a mod where there is an NPC that stays in one location at all times and is able to sell you gwent cards that you would not be able to obtain if you'd missed out on a particular event or didn't know that you had to play an NPC before completing certain a quest or you would be unable to play them again.

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