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Adding level notations to the map

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Hey guys, I feel like its rather tedious that whenever I level up, I have to check every discovered place I've been to (besides grayed out ones) to which ones are my level. I would just like to edit the map names of discovered areas. For instance instead of something labeled as "Guarded Treasure" I want it to say "Guarded Treasure - Level 23"


Obviously this mod is more tedious than complicated (so it seems anyway) but I'm certainly willing to do the labeling part. I just don't know where the "map labels" (if they even exist) are in the game files. Don't suppose anyone has come across the file(s) to go about doing this? I have no modding experience, so I'd rather not go poking around areas I'm unfamiliar with. But simple text editing I can certainly do! Haha.


Thanks a bunch!

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