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Wouldn't be AWESOME to have a bare-handed fighter follower that looks exactly like the UFC women champion Rounda Rousey?

Just look at her


She could be your bodyguard and wife and anything you want! o.o

Right now I have almost zero knowledge about making a follower and so on but I imagine that you can create a CBBE bodyslide body and export it and give it to a custom follower and extract some audio files from interviews or something and clean them with audio processing and then create a face preset in racemenu and export it and add it to the custom follower and then have a coffee and then a cookie and later you could add some whatever-it-is-thing to atach the audio files to the follower and make her give random comments as many well-know superstar followers (INIGO, SOFIA, etc) and give her specific attacking comments from Rounda Rousey voice and.. and.. and.. I don't know! haha That's why I put this in the Request Forums :D

Think about it super Pro Modder that is reading this right now. You know you can change the world and the life of thousands of children around the world.

Thanks! Please pleaseeee hahaha

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