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The Frozen Hearth - Fallout Alaska Mini Fan Fic


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The Frozen Hearth - Alaska's Number one Newspaper for current events.

- So here's a note from me. I'm not sure what I'll do with the Frozen Hearth but I'll probably add stories here and there that don't fit my current ongoing Fan Fiction Explorers of the New World. It just doesn't feel like something I can just toss into that story. So the Frozen Hearth will probably be short stories written like newspaper clippings about anything from Character Bios or Historical events. Still haven't decided how I'll do this or if there'll be more to it. But it was fun so here's the story hopefully you guys and gals will enjoy it. - End Author's rambling.

Now as we here at the Frozen Hearth prepare to enter a new age that is 2300 we decided to look back at one of the most influential High Chieftains North Ashland. Now as we dug into the man behind the legend. We began to unravel a few mysteries. Now by all accounts his time as an Arctic Wolf which is a great achievement in itself was rather mediocre; that's not to say he under-performed in his duties no he did quite a lot to prove himself worthy of his station. It's just not many of his deeds were publicized, and as an Arctic Wolf he ranked in the lowest of the low.

North Ashland according to known friends and first hand accounts is a stand up man, who believes in justice and equality. That's not to say he is without his vices; he has been known to bed women, many women at once sometimes who are barely in their twenties. And as a man in his late forties it's become somewhat of a controversial topic. Still his deeds as a Commander top such a minor fault. It's well known that North was born in a secluded Village where they became cut off from the rest of the world for Half a Century, where many of it's residents were interbred due to the shortage of new Families. North states that his first sexual encounter wasn't until he was about thirty years of age after the Rangers first came to his Village and exposed them to Civilization. It's also speculated that his Daughter Vivian was conceived about this time, possible Mothers are unknown but Valmet of the Bush Company is rumored to be the mother, though no proof has been found.

North's accomplishments as the High Chief include ending a decades long war between the Tahs, and cracking down on Slavers and Corruption. Though his biggest accomplishment is also the strangest. How North won the High Chief elections. To be honest no one quite knows how North a relatively unknown candidate won the elections in a landslide vote.

Despite rumors of foul play North has been cleared of any wrongdoings. Most of the other candidates did rescind their candidacy stating things along the lines of "It is too much a burden." Or "Other priorities have come to my attention." North's only other running candidate at the end was a Tenma Hoozuki. Who also dropped out of the race. He was assumed to have had a hand in rigging the elections but all the investigations into the matter came up with nothing. With no other opposing candidate North was officially elected High Chief.

It was also revealed that North did not submit an entry form. And that another Chief had submitted one for him according to a letter he received from North, that mysteriously disappeared. Nevertheless North campaigned and won which has brought an era of progressive peace. Thus ends the latest and final issue of the year 2299. Until next year dear readers. Keep well.

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