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Armor Texture Problem in GECK


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EDIT: Well, I'm an idiot. Turns out they're all glitched; the top one's just the only one to use actual metal-looking textures. His breastplate's supposed to have a big yellow X on it. From the looks of it, the texture issue is in the Upperbody 02 slot for selecting the texture sets. I'd guess I'm missing the texture that should go there or something, which would also explain why wearing an NPC-specific Pip-Boy makes the Pip-Boy's stat screen bleed out all over the armor detailing while the Biped Model just reuses parts of itself. Might be related to the gloves I still need to port but I doubt it.


If anyone for whatever reason actually knows off-hand what it's missing (assuming missing textures are the reason) feel free to tell me since finding specific files in the BSAs has eaten up about 90% of my time on this project, although I'd rather know whether or not that's the actual issue.


EDIT 2: And gorram I'm an even bigger idiot than before; I had already extracted those textures, I just forgot to put them into a texture set.



So I've been porting over the armors from Fallout 3 and its DLCs by extracting files from BSAs and rebuilding the armors in the New Vegas GECK. There's probably an easier way, but I wouldn't know about it. Anyway, it was going surprisingly well until I got to the Tribal/Ashur's Power Armor in The Pitt.


When I look at the biped model it looks fine:



But on the test NPCs I set up for all the different armors there's a sort of limited texture issue:



Also, if they have a Pip-Boy the miscolored bits go bright green instead of red:



While I was messing with the previews I also happened to notice that the non-Pip-Boy texture glitch disappears at certain angles or when zoomed in, although sometimes this is only partial (e.g. the rectangle on his right wrist stays miscolored but everything else is fine). On the other hand, when wearing a Pip-Boy, the glitch sticks no matter what.


I also screwed with the camera angles in the Biped Model slot in case it WAS glitched and was just on a non-glitched default camera view. It remained fine so that's still working for some reason.



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