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Pagan Norwegian Hardangervidda


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And a collaboration of Ildjarn and buddy Nidhogg with friends from their college days. Sort Vokter may translate to Night Watch('viewers', think sentries), happy insomnia, drink black tea while you listen to black metal! Better yet, black coffee!

-- this song absolutely belongs to any playlist of "ambient" rpgs that minimally interfere with player creativity by forcing so much visual or audio output. Games like Might&Magic 4&5 and 6, and Daggerfall, or Dark Sun.

Scandanavians will probably outlive us all in the harsh winter northlands, descending from the Thule thousands of years later to purify the planet and destroy the remnants of the ignorant orc hordes that prevailed long ago over Man. HAH!

EDIT: The Ildjarn-Nidhogg at the top has the Ildjarn "Norse" EP and "Svartfrad" EP. Excellent review here: http://www.deathmetal.org/bands/ildjarn/ildjarn-ildjarn_nidhogg/ "...reinforces the literal reality of basic music making (a connection to the now: the unchanging, ultimate, all-pervasive immanence of existence) and tunes it to the fleeting fragment of emotion that motivates each piece." Edited by GuruManGunz
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