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neex help with 2 things


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Hey im working on my mod for fallout NV and i wanted to know how to make a custom pip-boy icon in gimp? i tried looking up google for tutorials but any tyturial link i did find was eather dead or 404 or forbiddon or moved.


another thing is i wanted to do a simple edit to the armored vault 21 jumpsuit, but it appears BOTH vault21 armored jumpsuit and the vault 101 armored jumpsuit share the same .dds file, and when attempt to edit it unlike most files it just appears very light with a almost invisable ghostly blue, is it tre v101 jsuit and v21 jsuits (both armored) share the same .dds or something im doing wrong? if so how do i edit that?


friken oops i speeled it "neex" instead of "need" and dont see a way to edit the title oh well whats doen is done

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