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Animated Banners.


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Ideally, one would import/rebuld the animation off skyrim/skyrim mods.


But it'd be fine also if someone could provide/make something like this:




to be applied to the standard vanilla banner like the Fighters Guild's (then retexturable, scalable etc.).




Let me explain...


In my quest to add ambience to Oblivion I discerned 3 major areas it is still sorely lacking:



a)Heat distortion fx, as seen in skyrim's forges and fires.


b)dynamic, realistic smoke from fireplaces/braziers (think Whiterun entrance)


Now these 2 are somewhat connected, but then:




c) Animated banners and flags, again, as seen in Skyrim.



These 3 things alone would change the game immensely, imo.



I'll try to tweak the smoke fx myself, find some solution to some rudimentary heat shimmer/haze fx, but it'd be nice if someone would help me with banner anims.

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I suppose you've already seen this modders' resource? Animated Flag Resource by Firespark -- but I thought I'd mention it just in case there's something helpful here....

Yes, I've even tried it in game. The animation is not suitable for banners held horizontally, plus frankly it's too basic to properly add immersion.


The cape one in the vid would be perfect.

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