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Silver Hand Redone (SHR): A fifth story line option


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Hello. I would like to seek help from a mod author for a mod that could give a much needed option to skyrim fans. Ever get tired of playing as the companions, their 90% werewolf story, and wish for something else for your warrior build? Too bad; Bethesda doesn't give you a real warrior guild besides this, and with werewolf purifing vampirism and repelling saguinare vampiris, a vampire warrior is out of the questoion. I seek to find something to fix that. My idea is to further delve into the silver hand, and have them be a new option for the warrior guild, but not being able to coexist with the companions, as for 1 this wouldn't make sense, and two it seems idiotic to think eiither faction would let you join the other one. My idea is for the dragonborn to start out as a member of the companions, but sometime before becoming a werewolf, the dragonborn is given the ability to betray them, and work for the silver hand. This doesn't seem to radical an idea, as this hapenned in the dawngaurd dlc. Anywho, there would be the option added into the story slightly before gaining lycanthropy, such as a silver hand official mage within the group of silver hand you first meet in the dungeon with farkas, paralyzing farkas while he is in his werewolf form, and offering you a position in the guild. You can still kill him and opt to be with the companions, and then nothing will change, but if you were to join, there would be many benefits:


The ability to be in a warrior guild and not be a werewolf, possibly a vampire.


Unique questline, dealing with killing werewolves (such as the animal extermination radial quest) some unique gear ( I will delve into further) and leading the charge against Jorvaskrr and killing kodlak, possibly other officials)


A reputation with gaurds, such as how they compliment you for being a companion in random dailogue.



The ability to become the leader of the silver hand, and rebuilding it after the ransacking vilkas later on in the quest.


So, first of all there would need to be some balancing effects. To make a werewolf hunter more interesting, there would need to be new additions. these include:


More werewolf spawns


Settable hunting traps for werewolves, upgradable and craftable silver weaponry and armor, possibly new werewolf killing spells


Miscellaneous silver hand missions, such as intercepting the companions during their contracts, killing random werewolves, ect.


New silver hand questline


So, as you may think, this sounds cool, but you are the dragonborn, and the dragonborn craves loot, such as many rpg characters. I have a couple ideas for this. These include an upgradeable and re-collectible armor set with the following bonus:


Helm: +10% stamina recovery and an effect similar to detect life, highlighting werewolves, via through walls, and even while a lycanthrope is in human form.

Cuirass: +30 health

Gauntlets: +10% one-handed damage, +10% two handed damage, +5% more effective blocking

Boots: Muffling,

Sheild: Resist 25% of attacks from werewolves

1H Sword: Absorb stamina, ice damage (silver sword model/unique silver sword model)

2H Sword: Absorb Stamina, Ice damage (Silver greatsword/unique silver greatsword model)

Ring: Immunity to disease and poison

Armor+sword comes in heavy or light. Swords come in axe/hammer variants for both 2H and 1H

Fullset (4 armor pieces): immune to werewolf ragdoll effect, +50 armor rating


The armor values would be between steel plate and steel armor.


There should aslo be the ability to claim wuuthraad, and turn it into a silver variant, turning its non-magical effect from extra damage to elves to more damage to werewolves, and the face on it turning into the ring of hircine face, and the color turning a slivery color.


That's my idea for a mod. Please let me know what you think, leave ideas, and message me any suggestions or if you are a mod author who'd like to work on this at [email protected]

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